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At DMR we have a strong view about the fact that true customer insights can only be the result of combining multiple data sources. Synthesising actionable insights is not a simple task but our experience allows us to connect the dots using data from various source types, and ‘read between the lines’. With some intuition added to the mix there is a high probability that a nugget of knowledge can be found. We integrate qualitative and quantitative research - that is the asking questions part - behavioral tracking such as actual purchases or website visits, and of course our bread and butter: social listening.

3 main ways to obtain useful data for insight generation

Listening (Social Media Monitoring)

Asking Questions (Private Online Communities or Ad-hoc online market research)

Tracking Behaviour (purchase behaviour, viewership, ethnography)

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Market research online can be ad-hoc or continuous. It is also segmented in qualitative and quantitative research online. We employ modern, interactive, and fun ways to collect data using any connected device, from mobile to tablets and PCs/Macs. We prefer short surveys than long and we prefer to engage with respondents closer to their experience in order to minimise dependence on their ability to remember.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is at the core of much of the quantitative research we do, especially when it involves big data. In some cases we use advanced analytics techniques such as multivariate regression analysis, structural equation modelling, and graphical modelling. We also use machine learning algorithms utilizing propensity modelling and behaviour clustering in order to segment consumers.

In the table below you can find some of the qualitative and quantitative research methods we have expertise in:

Quantitative Research Models Qualitative Research Tools
Customer segmentation Bulletin Board Discussions
Customer loyalty & advocacy Video/Photo Diaries
Employee engagement & inspiration Online Focus Groups - Chat
Volumetric forecasting Online Focus Groups – Enhanced Chat
Pricing Research Online Focus Groups - Webcam
Concept & product tests Online In-depth Interviews
Brand Health, Usage & attitude Mini Groups, Online Triads

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