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Social Media Research Digest 23 - January 2017

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Happy New Year from DigitalMR! party.png

May 2017 bring you Happiness, Health and Prosperity along the way.

In the past couple of months, we published some new and exciting content, participated in events and signed up
for more events in the months to come! 
Here is an overview of what DigitalMR has been up to.

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10 Predictions for the Market Research Industry: 2017-2021

magic ball.pngHaving the ability to know the future turn of events is a human obsession. Unless we are declared prophets by some religion we are not great at predicting the future using our intuition, dreams, and premonitions, or maybe we are but no one is willing to listen. The human mind can handle linear projections well, but exponential…not so much. Humans usually overestimate the short term and underestimate the long-term evolution and progress. Having this thesis in mind, I will attempt to “call” the linear trend interruption of a couple of slow growth technologies by a “hockey-stick” in market research spend.

We are increasingly using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to aid our intuition and gut feeling about what
comes next. We now have ways to consolidate the wisdom of many humans as expressed on social media and other online sites. The wisdom of the masses, the meeting of minds - especially if they are physically close as in churches, football stadia, or live concerts - has a scientifically unexplainable power. If there is a seemingly plausible explanation for this “power” it lies in the spiritual realm for the time being (as opposed to the scientific). Continue Reading


More by @DigitalMR_CEO: A blog post written at 300km/h I am writing another blog post as I travel at 300 km/hour on the Eurostar towards Brussels - from London - on a Sunday afternoon. I am heading to my second consecutive participation as a speaker at LT-Accelerate, a conference about language technologies, not the usual market research conferences that I attend. 

Last year at LT-Accelerate I spoke about rich analytics for social listening and stressed the importance of semantic analysis and accuracy; this year I will be describing what differentiates the more than 1,000 social media monitoring tools currently available out there. Continue Reading



Detection of Emotions on Social Mediaemojis for infographic.png

You seemed to enjoy our previous infographics, so we thought we should publish some more!

Emotions Detection & Scoring is a new type of analysis developed by DigitalMR, using a proprietary model of 14 emotions. Analysing social media posts and other (public) online content for emotions provides a more granular view on how consumers actually feel, especially when it comes to evaluating marketing campaigns.

To find out more and to see a use case example where we used emotions to analyse social media posts about 4 beer brands:

Download the Infographic 


Where You Can Find Us

February: Insight Innovation Exchange Europe

Once again, DigitalMR will be participating in the Insight Innovation Exchange Europe. DigitalMR will be an exhibitor, and @DigitalMR_CEO will also host roundtable discussions, and co-present a case study about social listening with TNS NIPO and Heineken.

IIeX Europe takes place on February 20-21 in Amsterdam. Its aim is to introduce new ideas when it comes to insights, provide training and learning opportunities, and connect MR innovators from brands and agencies around the world.


DigitalMR will be participating in the ESOMAR MENAP Forum where Michalis Michael will be presenting ‘How to Integrate Data from Surveys with Social Listening & Analytics’ alongside Divya Radhakrishnan, from our UAE/MENAP agency partner, Nielsen.

This event aims to address research challenges presented in the region, discover the significance of culture and new trends, approaches, and methodologies, and discover how collaboration is bringing clients closer to consumers and creating a positive effect on ROI.

April: ESOMAR LatAm Forum

DigitalMR will also be participating in the Latin America ESOMAR Forum, for the first time. Michalis Michael will be attending to present on the topic of ‘A Journey to Artificial Intelligence: Using A.I. for Insights in Latin American countries’.

The theme of the event is ‘#IN: INsights, INtelligence, INnovation’. It will be focusing on market research in the region; how to reach insights, grow, and move forward. “Only relevant research methodologies and technologies will survive in the race for business growth.”


Warm Wishes,
The DigitalMR Team

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